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We are capable of performing any task(s) required by any project owner, developer or lender having to do with the management of the development or construction of their project(s). In addition to his architectural degree from Ohio State University, Mr. Deinhardt has over 35 years' of diverse experience on a wide range of project types, including single-story to sixty-story 'for sale' and 'for rent' single and multi-family residential, public and private sector, retail, commercial, hospitality and sporting venues.


Mr. Deinhardt has extensive experience in all facets, from initial planning to completion and operation of most types of large venue projects, providing an exceptional ability to

  • Review, advise and execute:
    • Project criteria and appropriateness for the marketplace
    • Project team selection:
      • Legal representation
      • Design consultants
      • General contractors/construction managers
      • Sub-contractors
      • Vendors
    • Project design
    • Project status
    • Project budgets/proformas
    • Consultant or contractor agreements
    • Contractor proposals, change order requests and other construction-related documents
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of all agreements with consultants and contractors
  • Negotiate costs of all Scopes of any project with consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and vendors
  • Identify value alternates for consideration to reduce project costs
  • Attend or chair project design or construction meetings in concert with, or on behalf of the owner
  • Assist/liaise with regulatory agencies (plan reviewers, inspectors, building and zoning departments, etc.)
  • Observe and report for the benefit of the owner or lender on project compliance with construction documents
  • Perform on-site observation of construction process, including pay request reviews verifying claimed progress/percentages complete, confirming and reviewing submission of all required paperwork (certificates of insurance, releases of lien, subcontractor documentation, etc.)
  • Being a state-certified general contractor (CG C055108) pull building permits and even commence work if necessary, on behalf of the owner as required to facilitate the project schedule and avoid having to make any kind of a commitment to another GC/CM firm prematurely
  • Perform any number of other additional tasks as may be required by an owner or developer.


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