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To Assist Owners and Developers to achieve on-time and on-budget completion
of their projects without compromising quality or integrity.

John C. Deinhardt does just that. John brings with him over 35 years of experience in architecture, development and construction, including some of the biggest and best-known recent construction projects in South Florida. As can be seen in Johnís Professional History and Portfolio pages, he has diverse experience in many different building types and has been involved in most all aspects of the development, construction and/or renovation of same, including pre-development, pre-construction, construction and close-out.

Potentially available also is the benefit of Ms. Heather N. Deinhardtís expertise in management of all of the related documentation. Heather has worked with her husband John since early 2004 and prior to that, on her own had also worked on a number of large projects in South Florida including the Acqualina Ocean Residences & Resort. One can see, in reviewing Heatherís Professional History that she also boasts a broad range of other applicable and related real estate experience.

With these unique backgrounds, John & Heather, together or individually, are your ideal resources for qualified and proven development & construction representation as further evidenced by a sampling of Reference Letters. Please take a moment to review the other pages of this site and explore where we have been and what either or both of us can do for you.

The information contained in this Web site includes references to square footages, dollar amounts and other specifications that are, to the best of the authorís knowledge, accurate; however, they should not be relied upon for any purpose other than indications of approximate sizes and scopes of the projects referenced. The owners and/or developers of each of the projects may have modified project programs during or after the compilation of this website.


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